How to build your template

How to start adding content to your created template

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What options you have when creating your template:

Upload a file

Here you can upload a file from your computer.

  • Either click and drag your document into the Upload a file box

  • Or click on Upload a file to access your device's files.

Once you've uploaded your document, you can start adding fields, supplemental files, or URLs to your template.

GetAccept supports uploading almost any kind of file, including the most common file formats.


Here you can create a new Editor block or use an existing one from the Editor library.

When you have added a new Editor block there are different elements you can create, such as Text, Images, or our Pricing tables and Forms.

Use templates

You can use a GetAccept template that you have created under the Content Library tab in the left main menu.

  • To use a template, click on the Use Template option and choose the one you would like to send to your recipients.

Once your document is fully uploaded, you can rename it, tag it, or add a deal value to it (if it's a sales document). You can then add your recipient(s).


Here you can record, add a video from your content library, link a URL or upload a video to add a video block.

Recommended file types: MOV, AVI, MP4 - Max. file size 124 MB


Add a new Link block or choose one from your content library.

A Link block can be used when for example you want to add information and be able to add a connection to your webpage.

Google Drive

Add a document from your Google Drive Account.

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