This setting can only be edited by an admin. Access to branding to edit a theme is available from plan essential.

To customize the appearance of the documents to fit your needs you can create themes.

Go to Settings > Branding and click the Edit Theme button.

Once clicked, you will see a New Theme button in the top right.

You can also edit the existing themes by clicking on their name in the column.

What you can customize when creating or editing a theme

A window will pop up asking you where you can edit the following at the moment

  • Name

    Give your theme a name

  • Background color

    Changes the background color of the email header banner

  • Accent color

    Changes the color of the View document button shown to the recipient in the email and also the color of the sign/approve button.

  • Text color

    This changes the text color of the View document and Sign/Approve document button.

  • Background image

    Changes the background behind the document when a recipient opens the document.

    We recommend using a high-resolution background image.

  • Background type, fixed or scroll

  • Sign button text

    (This changes the signing button text that the signers will click on to sign the document.

  • Default Editor Font

    This changes the text font of the text that follows under the heading in the editor block.

  • Default Editor Heading Font

    Changes the text font of the heading when writing an editor block

    When choosing the editor fonts you will always see a preview of how the chosen Font will look to the right of the two columns.

We recommend using a high-resolution picture for your background image. When finished, click Save and close the window.

Use theme

To use the edited theme, go back to Settings > Branding and click on the theme. You can choose standard themes or your own created ones.

The theme you choose will affect all send-outs that all users do on the entity.

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