There are two ways you can sendout your document via SMS. Either initially after preparing the document or after you have already sent it, but want to resend the document to the recipient. One thing to make sure is that you have a mobile number in the recipient's contact information and that you include their country code.

If you would like to send the doc out initially via SMS and email, finish preparing the doc by working through the tabs in the top right. After clicking Prepare for Sending you will have a window pop up asking you about delivery options. Check Send Document as SMS and hit the send button.

If you have already sent the document out, you can always resend the document to them via SMS. After opening the document's summary page, click on the recipient's action menu (small grey box with three lines in it). You will see a Send SMS option. This will pop open a window asking you to edit the text message. Make sure to keep the {{document.url}} snippet in the message so they can click and open the document.
Click send when you're ready to deliver it.

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