There are two times you can send out your document manually. Either initially after preparing the document or after you have sent out the branded document through GetAccept, but want to resend the link to the recipient. 

Sharing document link after preparing the document

If you would like to initially send the doc out by sharing a link, finish preparing the doc by working through the tabs in the top right.

  1. Click on "Prepare for sending".

  2. Click "Share document link".

  3. Copy the doc URL and paste it into a separate email to the recipient.

  4. Done!

Please note!
If you have multiple recipients of the document you'll have to share the document links with each individual recipient, see the guide below. The link that you get when clicking "Prepare for sending" is only connected to the first added recipient of the document.

Sharing document link on a sent out document

If you have already sent the document out with the branded send out, you can always send the document link to your recipient so they can access it via hyperlink.

  1. Go to the active document.

  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the signer status.

  3. Select "Share document link".

  4. Copy the document link.

  5. Paste the link in a separate email as a URL and send it to your recipient.

  6. Done!

Signing order

If you have a signing order on the document you can only send the link to the signer which turn it is to sign. If you send it to a recipient that is waiting for their turn they can only read the document. They will have to wait for the signers before them to sign before they can do it.

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