How to automatically start a conversation with your recipients

When preparing the document you will see an Engage tab in the top right. Click on it and you will see a Conversation starter button.

Once clicked, a window will pop up with a message looking like this:

Leave the default message, which can be changed in the settings, or edit the message ad hoc. Use different variables, such as {{recipient.first_name}}, to have it autofill with certain information.

This auto comment will now appear in the chat while the recipient is viewing your document, prompting them to respond with any questions or concerns that you can address.

Variables include:

  • {{recipient.first_name}}

  • {{recipient.last_name}}

  • {{sender.first_name}}

  • {{sender.last_name}}

  • {{sender.fullname}}

  • {{}}

  • {{document.value}}

After you have added your auto-comment, you can choose how to deliver your document. You can use our email send out, send via SMS, or sign in-person.

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