This is where you can set the security strength for your entity and its users. 

Enable high password strength

This requires a strong password when creating new user passwords or resetting passwords. Requires minimum 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase character, at least 1 lowercase character, at least 1 digit. Activation will force all users to change passwords seven days after activation and every 90 days.

Restrict access to other users data

Enable restricted data sharing between users so they will not see each other's data. Only an admin will be able to see the users data.

Enable social recipient photos

Automatically fetch social profile photos when adding new recipients.

Enable manual document link sharing

Disable this to prevent users from getting access to document links for manual sharing.

Enable SMS-sendings for users

Let users send documents and reminders to recipients mobiles using SMS.

Enable restricted access to supplemental documents

Enable the option to restrict access to a specific supplemental document.

Enable digital certificate for signed PDF document

Allows a recipient to verify the signer, signatures and signed content within Adobe Acrobat reader.

Enable two-factor authentication

When this is activated, users needs to enter a unique code each time they want to log in. See installation guide.

Enable document content encryption

Encrypted documents can only be read in future and not imported or edited.

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