This setting can only be edited by an admin.

Here you can see and edit all the users on the entity. You see their name, email, if they are part of a team, what user role they have, and their status.

Add new user

To add a new user to the entity, simply click on Add user up to the right.

Enter their name and email address. Choose what role they should have and if they are to be part of a Team.

An invite email will be sent where the user has to confirm and set up their user profile.

Before sending the invite, choose what role the new user should have and if they should be part of a team.

You can also add a user without sending a confirmation email.

Manage users on sub-accounts

Do you have sub-accounts and want to see the users that are connected to them? Then you'll have to switch the entity that you are logged in to at the moment. You can't see a complete list of all users on all entities that's on the account.

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