Here you can update the company and regional settings for the entity. This should be done before getting started using the account.

Company information

Put in all the essential information for the company, such as entity name, your organization's address, and your website.

The entity name will be displayed under the sender's name in the email that is sent out, with a document, through GetAccept.

Regional Settings

Change the regional information, such as country, timezone, language, currency, and app mode:


When creating the account and choosing a country, we will automatically choose a data center connected to that country. We highly do not recommend changing the data center after documents have been created, as it will result in data loss.

App mode

When choosing app mode it will be the default setting when creating new users. This can later be changed by the user under My profile.


Choose what currency should be displayed for all users in the sales app mode. You can only choose one currency at a time which will affect all users.

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