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Date input element
Date input element

How to add the date input element to ensure the correct date is added.

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With this new update, you can easily add a date to your document by browsing through the calendar for the desired date and month, eliminating any confusion and ensuring you always input the correct date.

How to add it

  1. Create an editor block

  2. Click on the blue [+] symbol

  3. scroll down in the list to find the Date input element

  4. Click on it to add it

How to manage the date input field

  1. Once the element is added you need to add a label text above the field, for instance a short text stating what the set date is for. In my example, Start date

  2. Click within the field to browse the date you want to set in the calendar, for example March 4th,2024

  3. You can add an optional text under the field, for example, the start date for the contract

How to assign the field to either the sender or recipient

  1. Click on the date input field

  2. Choose the Connect field to symbol.

How to mark a field as required

  1. Click on the symbol left to the connect field to symbol

  2. The default will always be that the required field is ON

  3. Click on the toggle to turn it OFF/ON

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