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List of file formats - Files in Deal room
List of file formats - Files in Deal room

Approved file formats for when uploading Files in your Deal room

Updated over a week ago

For both your and your customers' safety we've restricted the supported file formats to safe and typical business formats.

If you require a specific format that currently isn't supported, please reach out to your GetAccept contact or our support.

List of approved file formats for our deal room

Supported formats

bmp = 'bmp',
jpeg = 'jpeg',
jpg = 'jpg',
png = 'png',
svg = 'svg',
tiff = 'tiff',
webp = 'webp',

ai = 'ai',
cad = 'cad',
csv = 'csv',
doc = 'doc',
docx = 'docx',
dwg = 'dwg',
dxf = 'dxf',
eps = 'eps',
html = 'html',
key = 'key',
md = 'md',
numbers = 'numbers',
odt = 'odt',

pages = 'pages',
pdf = 'pdf',
pps = 'pps',
ppsx = 'ppsx',
ppt = 'ppt',
pptx = 'pptx',
ps = 'ps',
psd = 'psd',
rtf = 'rtf',
sdw = 'sdw',
step = 'step',
stp = 'stp',
tex = 'tex',
tif = 'tif',
txt = 'txt',
wpd = 'wpd',
wps = 'wps',
xls = 'xls',
xlsx = 'xlsx',
xps = 'xps',

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