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Changing how we use permissions in our HubSpot integration
Changing how we use permissions in our HubSpot integration

Migrating from user-level permissions to app-level permissions in our HubSpot integration

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What’s changing?

In the coming weeks, we will migrate our customers using our HubSpot integration to use the GetAccept App based on an Account level connection instead of a User level connection.

Why are we making this change?

Up until now, all users of a HubSpot account had to have specific permissions and their own connection to GetAccept App in order to get the chrome extension to work. The problem this caused was that system admins in HubSpot may have found themselves in a position of having to grant more permissions to a specific user than they would wish, in order to use the integration completely. After the migration, the app will be connected to the HubSpot Account on an app level, meaning that all users of that account can use the extension without having to grant specific user permissions.

When will this happen and what impact will I notice?

By the end of March 2022, all GetAccept entities should be migrated to be connected on an account level. After that, you can remove user permissions that were previously required to grant to your users, if you so wish. Those users should still be able to use the integration as before since they are now being connected on an account level. (e.g. permissions such as 'Edit property settings')

Do I need to prepare anything before the migration to the new app-level permissions?

No. The migration can be controlled entirely from GetAccept’s side.

How will I know when my account has been migrated?

You won't. But if you're curious you can get in touch with our tech support who can confirm if you have been migrated yet.

Do I need to take any action after the migration?

No. Not immediately anyway. But as mentioned above, you may wish to review how many permissions you have granted to your users and remove some of those permissions as you wish.

What do I do if I notice some of my users all of a sudden cannot connect to the GetAccept integration?

In the unlikely event that this happens, you should check our troubleshooting guide for assistance with the problem by clicking here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support who are fully aware of this migration. We will work with you to quickly remedy the problem, however, if urgently needed, we can revert your migration back to the user-level permission system for a grace period until we can identify how to correctly migrate your account.


We have a troubleshooting guide that helps with the most common issues. Please note that we can already see some edge cases where there could be some errors for our users. If you get an error saying “unable to connect to HubSpot”, we recommend the Super Admin of HubSpot & GetAccept to go to → click on HubSpot settings, and from there you can disconnect and reconnect the integration.

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