Creating a template from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, we've created a Template Library to help you get off to a fresh start!

Here you'll find a number of proposal templates that are ready to be personalized for your specific use case. Simply:

  • Choose the template that suits you best

  • Preview and save the template to your content library

  • Edit the template to match your brand and use case

  • Start delivering the template in your sendouts!

How to find and preview templates

Inside the content library, you will find a button that says Template library.

Click on this button and a popup box with all the proposal templates will appear. In this modal, you can choose to directly create a sendout based on the template or preview it.

You can also find all the proposal templates on the website. Click below to go to our template library webpage.

What can you do with these templates?

Once you have opened the Template Library you will see two options, Start a sendout or Preview template. You can either start drafting a new sendout right away or preview the template and add it as a resource in your content library.

Copying a template to your content library to begin personalizing it

To add one of these templates as a resource to your content library, you first need to preview the one you want to add. Once you preview it, click Save Template. You will be redirected to a new drafting template page, where you can begin to make the changes to the template to personalize it for your brand and use case.

Start a sendout

If you wish to create a single sendout and not save the template to Content Library, click Start a sendout. You will go directly to a drafting sendout page, where you can edit the document, add recipients, create an intro video and then send it.

Preview template

After you click Preview template, a new page will open in your browser where you can check out the template. At the bottom of the page, you can choose to Start a Sendout or Save Template.

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