Once you have selected the type of document you want to upload, you will be redirected to the upload page.

Here can drag your desired document from your device to the Upload a File rectangle or click in the box and select the document from there.

We support the most common document formats on the market and you can also upload your document from Google Drive.

Once your document is uploaded, you can rename it or add a deal value to it (recommended if it's a sales document). You can then add your recipient(s).

Uploaded file size

The file size should not exceed 20 MB.

Many email clients have a limit of 20 MB, which means that if the file is larger, a signed copy will not be sent out via email.

Add more resources to the draft

If you would like to upload another block with content, scroll below the already added page and repeat the process; choosing from Upload a File, Editor, Use Template, Video, Link, or Google Drive.

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