How to upload a signed document

Upload a PDF of the manually signed document through the document action menu

Updated over a week ago

If you have a physical copy of the signed document, you can upload it to the digital version in our web app on the desktop to mark it assigned.

You can either do that from the dealboard if it's a sales document or in the document summary via the document action menu.

Please note!

  • This is only for document type: Sales

    By uploading a signed copy you won't get a signature certificate since the signing has been done outside the platform.

    The signed version will replace the sent-out document since that is the one with the signature on it.

  • If you choose to not upload a document, the document will be closed. This is our method of "closing" a sales document that wasn’t signed digitally / agreed upon verbally.

How to upload a manually signed document to a sent document

  1. Go to the active document.

  2. Click on the three dots in the right corner.

  3. Choose "Upload signed document"

  4. Upload the signed copy or tick in the option Skip upload.

    This is not recommended since there is no proof then that the signing has been made.

  5. Done!

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