How to send an SMS reminder on a sent document

How to send an SMS reminder from the document action menu

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Sometimes you want to manually send out a reminder to the recipients to sign the document.

In our web app on the desktop, you can do that from either the dealboard if it's a sales document or in the document summary via the document action menu.

How to manually send out an SMS reminder on a sent document

  1. Go to the active document.

  2. At the bottom, just above the recipient(s), click on Send reminder

  3. Choose "Send SMS Reminder".

  4. You can change the message to personalize it (up to 230 characters).

    You will see to the right what the text message will look like for the recipient.

  5. Verify so that the phone number is correct.

  6. Hit "Send".

  7. Done!

You can also click on the specific recipient's three dots and choose

Contact recipient -> Send SMS.


Did you know that you also can send an SMS reminder from our mobile app?

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