When sending a document using the GetAccept Pipedrive and Upsales integration it is now possible to generate a document link that can be manually shared with the recipient(s).* The steps for this are as follows:

  1. When at the "Prepare Sending" screen, click on "Sign and share document link".

  2. Document will be successfully created and the option to create a follow up task will be provided as usual.

  3. Click Close.

  4. Select the sent document from under related documents. Note that the document status will be Sealed and that a link symbol will be visible to the left of the deal value.

  5. Click copy URL for the Recipient. Note that if there are multiple recipients, each recipient will have their own URL that needs to be copied.

  6. Share the URLs with your recipients as desired.

Note: Once the document is reviewed, you will not be able to find the document URL for recipients from the integration, You will need to fetch the URLs from GetAccept directly as shown in the below help article.


*This feature can be disabled from your GetAccept account settings if required.

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