Getting Started

Once you're on the drafting sendout page, you will see a number of blocks listed and available to use. The Video block allows you to record or upload a video to your sendout for your recipients to view.

This is great if you want to add a personal touch or explain certain parts of your sendout using video. You can add one before your pricing page, your onboarding section, or simply to say "Welcome!" at the beginning of your sendout.

Simply click the Video block to have the prompt appear. You'll see you have the ability to add a video in three different ways:

  1. Allow GetAccept access to your computer's camera and microphone to record a personal video

  2. Access your video library and upload a saved video

  3. Upload a video using a link from a web service, like Youtube or Vimeo.

If you record a video, you can preview, retake, or decide to use it. Once your video is added, you will see it displayed in your sendout.

To move or delete your Video block, click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose one of the two options.

A little add or plus sign will appear when you hover your mouse before, after, or between blocks. Use this button to add additional blocks to your sendout.

Once all your blocks are uploaded, you can add your recipients to the sendout, assigning them as either signers, viewers, or internal approvers. Note, you will only be able to add a signer if you have a document file included in the sendout.

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