This release solves a lot of reported issues with fields. The look and feel of the fields is also changed for the sender, including a new menu for editing fields. It is now also possible to type directly in text fields just by clicking on them. Furthermore, we’ve made it possible to both move and edit fields in bulk, and to move fields between pages (one of the most requested features last year). Last but not least, we’ve made it possible to align  fields and support for keyboard commands such as ctrl/cmd (for multiselect). 

This release also contains a lot of performance fixes. For example, document upload will be up to 20x faster than before (no more waiting!) and the thumbnail creation is also performing better than before.

We've also introduced the new architecture for adding content in between pages and changed the way you rearrange pages (more to come on this).

Full changelog of this release is found below:

  • New move pages functionality

  • Add tags on documents and templates (enterprise)

  • Set start- and end date to documents, example contract start and end date

  • Set default contract length on templates

  • Make templates private

  • Improved Google Docs integration

  • Improved document upload/import speed (up to 20x faster on documents with many pages)

  • Improved document loading, faster and without failing

  • Improved store of field position

  • File type icon shown

  • New field design

  • Multiselect fields

  • Set font size (single/bulk)

  • Align fields (single/bulk)

  • Make fields same size (bulk)

  • Duplicate fields (single/bulk)

  • Drag and move multiple fields

  • Inline edit directly in field

  • Tab order fix on fields

  • Keyboard commands (enter, tab, escape)

  • Field descriptions 

Removed functionality

Possibility to upload files from:

  • Box

  • OneDrive

  • Dropbox

  • Replace upload/keep fields (can be done by moving fields between pages)

  • Drag and drop reorder pages

If you have any feedback on this release (or found any bugs). We would love to get your feedback here


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