Connecting GetAccept and Google Sheets through Zapier gives you the ability to upload a list of contacts into GetAccept!

The first step is to login to your Google Drive, create a Google Sheet that will be used for triggering the list of contacts, and rename it so it is easy to find.

Next, you need to create columns that will contain the contact info you need to properly upload the list of contacts. We suggest using Name (first and last), Company, Email, Mobile Number (making sure to include country code), Title, Notes, and a trigger column named "Upload?". Make sure to leave the "Upload?" column empty for now, as this will be the trigger to deliver the send outs. Place your own contact info in the first row so it looks like this:

The second step is to login to Zapier and click Make A Zap! Name the Zap what you want your upload to be referred to. We'll name this example, Upload Contact List. Next, choose Google Sheets as your Trigger App, click the trigger "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" option, and login to your Google Drive.

Then you need to choose the Spreadsheet you want to use, Upload Contact List, select the Worksheet you want to pull from, and then the trigger Column, this example's "Upload?" column. Pull in samples and continue to the Action App.

The third step is to choose GetAccept as your Action App. Click "Show Less Common Options' then "Create Contact" as your action and login to your GetAccept account.  

Next, we need to choose our options for sending out our GetAccept template. Choose the template, name it, select the type (presentation), link the Company Name to the Company column in your Google Sheet, enable Sending Automatically, edit your Email Subject, Message, and pull the Recipient information from your Google Sheet. Click continue, test it, and turn the Zap on.

Try sending the GetAccept template by going to your Google Sheet and placing a 1 in the "Upload?" column. Check your email for the template! It should look like this:

Now you can load a contact or lead list to your Google Sheet and have it uploaded into your GetAccept Account! This will help you quickly deliver send outs through GetAccept.

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