How to send a Video Reminder on a sent document

How to send video reminders from the document action menu

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If you are starting to feel your recipients are not engaging with your delivered send-outs as much as you'd like, you can send them a video reminder.

It's a great way to communicate with the recipient and give a more personal touch to it.

How to send a Video Reminder on a sent document

  1. Open the document you want to send a video reminder on.

  2. At the bottom, just above the recipient(s), click on Send reminder

  3. Choose "Send video reminder".

  4. A prompt will then ask you to start the camera. Click on it and record your video.

  5. If you're not happy with the video, you can re-take it or use the one you made.

  6. Add an email message to the reminder and then send it.

  7. Done!


On the run? You can also send video reminders from our mobile app.

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