How to create and manage Tags

How to create a tag library and help your users organize send-outs Available only on our enterprise plus plan.

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Users are able to tag their send-outs to organize documents and make them easier to find.

To ensure your tagging system does not get out of control, we limit users to the tags their admin creates in the Tag section under Settings.

How to navigate to your Tag settings

  1. Click on your profile image up to the right

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Tags under Entity settings

  4. Here you can create and manage your tags

Please note: Only an admin can edit tags and create new tags and has access to the tag library

How to create a tag

  1. Click on + New Tag

  2. Enter a name

  3. Click on Save

  4. Done!

You can add tags to templates, so they automatically show up when the template is selected for a send-out, or they can be added manually to any send-out you're delivering. They can also be added to your signed document in contract management.

How to manage a tag

  1. Click on the Tag name or on the three dots to the right and select Edit

  2. Edit the name and/or change the status of the tag (Active/Inactive)

How to delete a Tag

  1. Click on the three dots next to the tag you want to delete

  2. Select Delete

    • Please note! You cannot delete a tag that is already in use!

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