Please note that this article refers to the old Salesforce integration for GetAccept. The new one is available here:

You can edit the page in Salesforce and add GetAccept as a new tab to have everything related to GetAccept gathered together.

Open Salesforce in Lightning mode and open the page where you have installed GetAccept. In this case we will use the Account page. 

Edit the page.

I want to add a new tab next to Details and Related, this is done by activating the section and then clicking Add Tab in the right panel

Name the new tab to GetAccept and then add a Visual Force page from the left by dragging it onto the new tab you just created and add the related list (single) and choose GetAccept Documents as list.

Save your view and make sure you publish it to the correct users who should see the new layout you just created. 

Check the movie below to see how the configuration is done.

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