Once you have selected GetAccept as your action application, you'll be asked to choose which action you'd like to use.

You can choose from Upload Document, Send Template, Create Document (a Draft), Create Contact, or Download Document. In our example, we will choose the action, Send Template, seeing as I created our Case Study as a GetAccept template and would like to automatically send it to them once they have reviewed my notes.

Next, you will be asked to choose the GetAccept account unless you have chosen GetAccept as a previous trigger or action application. Otherwise, this step will be skipped and you will be asked about the details of the template.

I choose the template I would like to send and what I would like to name it. In our case, I will choose the template, GetAccept Case Study, and name it, {{recipient.company_name}} Case Study, so I can find it easily. 

Not all fields are required, but the more you add the more specific you can make the workflow. I also chose my document type as Presentation because this document does not need to be eSigned and chose who will be receiving the template; the email address of the person the original Post-Meeting Notes were sent to. 

Then it will ask you to review and test the action application connection. Once the test is complete, click finish! You can now turn the Zap on and set the workflow live!

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