This setting can only be edited by an admin.

To stay compliant with certain data protection regulations, such as The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), you can set up automatic deletion rules to remove documents and contact information after a set amount of time has passed.

This can be used to both clean out GetAccept of old documents and data.

You can also activate consent for tracking.

Activate and set up data protection rules

Collect consent before accessing the document

When enabled, this will show a popup window with a consent text that the recipient has to confirm before accessing the document. If the recipient chooses to not consent they won't be able to access the document.

An admin of the account can edit the consent text that is shown to the recipient.

Collect consent before enabling tracking in document

When the recipient consents, tracking is enabled. The sender will be able to see the statistics of the specific recipient.

If the recipient chooses to not consent they will still be able to access the document. However, the tracking of the document will be disabled for this recipient and the sender will not be able to see the statistics of the specific recipient.

Obfuscate personal information in the certificate

Hide personal information in the signature certificate, such as social security number (SSN) for eID signatures.

IP addresses, names, and emails will never be hidden in the certificate due to the requirements that make a digitally signed document legally binding.

Send attachment of signed document by email

When the document gets signed, all recipients will receive a PDF copy of the signed document with the certificate.

If this is turned off, they won't get the PDF copy in the email.

The recipient will still be able to access the signed document via the signing page.

Remove inactive contacts and documents after x months

Inactive contacts are those who have no documents sent to them.

Inactive documents are all sent out documents and drafts without any activity registered during the chosen number of months. This does not include signed documents.

Remove signed documents after x months

This will remove signed documents and associated contacts after your chosen amount of months.

If a contact is connected to other documents sent during the time period, they won't be deleted.

Send a notification email before removing documents to

Get a reminder before documents on the entity will be automatically deleted.

Important! Documents that have been deleted can not be recovered after being removed from your account!

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