To setup this integration, you'll need to have good knowledge in Google Adwords and you'll have to setup your own campaign before integrating with GetAccept. 

  1. Login to GetAccept as an administrator

  2. Click Settings > Integrations and activate the Google Adwords integration

  3. Login to Google Adwords

  4. Create and setup a campaign with the correct message and graphical elements

  5. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Audience > Shared Audience

6. Create a new Audience list by clicking the blue plus icon in the top left corner, then choose Web
7. Name your new Audience and choose List Member > Visitors off a page with a specific tag
8. Create a new tag and name it appropriately, "Opened GetAccept Document"
9. Copy the tag script and paste it into GetAccept Remarketing Tag/List field. It should extract the script and you should get something similar to the picture below.

10. Go back to you Adwords campaign that you have created from before. Open it and click Audience and then the Edit button (Blue pen icon)

11. Click Targeting > Remarketing > Website visitors and then choose your Audience List. It should now appear as an audience list connected to that campaign.

How you setup your budget and bidding isn't something that GetAccept can help you with, but Google's support has plenty of information about the topics.

Exclusion list (optional)

You can also create an exclusion list (just as you did for the audience above). This can be used to exclude everyone who has Signed a document. Paste the Exclusion tag in the field EXCLUDE LIST ID / TAG in the GetAccept Adwords integration dialog. 

Conversion (optional)

You can create a conversion tag to be able to follow how many of your conversions that are connected to the GetAccept Remarketing campaign. This is standard conversion setup and nothing the is unique for GetAccept. The Conversions script should be pasted into the CONVERSION ID / TAG in the GetAccept Adwords integration dialog. 

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