Please note that this article refers to the old Salesforce integration for GetAccept. The new one is available here:

  1. Within Salesforce, click Setup from the top header or by clicking your name and then selecting Setup from the dropdown. 

2) From the Setup menu and under Build, select Customize. GetAccept is currently available on the Account, Opportunity, Lead, and Order objects. Select one of the objects and click Page Layout.

3) Scroll down to Page Layout and click Edit on the page layout you want GetAccept to display on.

4) Select Related Lists form the editor menu at the top. Find GetAccept Documents from the related objects and drag it to a suitable position on your page layout.

5) Click on the wrench symbol of the GetAccept Documents related list to show additional options.

6) Add fields to the list as described in image below or as you see fit. Click OK when you are done with your selection. 

7) Select Visualforce Pages from the page layout editor menu.

8) Optional step: Add a new section to house the GetAccept App. Select Section and drag it to a suitable position on the page layout. 

9) Optional step: Click the wrench symbol of your new section to display additional options. The section should be set to 1-Column and whether to display a section is optional. Click OK to save your changes and close the Section Properties window. 

10) Find the GetAccept Visualforce page corresponding to the standard object of the page layout. Ex. GetAcceptForAccount for Account Page Layouts. 

11) Drag the GetAccept Visualforce page to a suitable position on the page layout. Ex. place it in section created in steps 7 and 8. 

12) Click the wrench symbol of the GetAccept Visualforce page to show additional options for the page. 

13) A minimum height of 440 pixels is recommended for the app to function and display as intended. We also recommend leaving the width set to 100% and unchecking the options. 

14) Click OK to save your changes. 

15) Page layout is now fully configured to use the GetAccept App. Save the page layout by clicking Save on the page layout editor menu. 

16) To add GetAccept to more supported objects, repeat steps 3-15. 

17) All done!

Next step - Setup the callbacks to get status updates and signed document automatically uploaded -> Click here to continue

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