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Close more deals faster by sending sales content with personalized video reminders, live chat & e-signature.

By providing an ‘all-in-one Sales Enablement tool’ we help sales reps increase personalization and engagement in order to build trust and win buyers over, within a digital environment.

We believe that people and documents are needed to start any organizational initiative, such as selling, hiring, and partnering. We also believe that this exchange should be as streamlined and effective as possible.

By automating follow-ups, perfectly timing your outreach, utilizing our chat, and closing with legally binding eSignatures, your document exchange becomes highly streamlined. Through adding real-time document tracking and analytics, you are also provided with data-supported insights that, in addition to making the process streamlined, help you become more effective and increase sales.

By adding features such as video introductions, white-labeled send-outs, and mobile capabilities you can build stronger relationships, create higher engagement, and design unique recipient experiences. This will also make you stand out from the crowds and effectively make a great, more personal, first impression.

So, sign up and start creating welcoming and supportive experiences to see the impact GetAccept can make for you when delivering and closing important deals.

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