Under the Contacts tab you can see all of the contacts that you've added and all the recipients you've sent documents to. You can also see the different contacts assigned to your team members.

Overview of the Contact Tab

Active contact filter shows those who have at least one active document sent to them.

Inactive contact filter shows those who have no documents sent to them.

Create a Contact

To add a new contact, simply press the New contact button in the top right. Type in all the information you know about the contact and press Save. You can also add a photo of the contact by clicking on the avatar icon.

When you add a new recipient to a drafted document that is not already in your contact list, it is automatically added to your list. This way you can easily select the contacts from the list the next time you want to send a document to them.

Edit a Contact

If you click on the name of a contact, you will get an Edit Contact window. Here you can see all documents sent out to that recipient and you can update all their contact information. Make the changes you want and click Save when you finish.

To prevent duplicates of a contact, GetAccept uses the email addresses and mobile numbers as unique keys. That way, if a contact with the same email address is added, the existing one will be updated with the new information.

Search for a Contact

If you click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the page, you can search for a contact to see if they exist. You can see contact details and documents sent to your own contacts.

An administrator can search and see details for all contacts on the entity.

Restricted access does not affect contact sharing.

Delete a Contact

To delete a contact, you first need to delete the documents you sent to the contact. Once done, you can click Delete Contact while in the Edit Contact window.

If you have any questions, please contact support in the chat down in the right corner.

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