After clicking Next on the document/template upload page, you will be directed to the sendout screen, which will give you the option to add a personal intro video. There are two ways to add the video to your document:

  1. Use the GetAccept mobile app and click on the video button in the bottom right corner. After recording your video, click Use Video and you will see it automatically start to sync/upload to the document you are delivering.

  2. Within the Chrome Extension, you will see a Record Video button. Click it and you will be asked to allow it to access your web camera on your computer. Give it access and you will be able to record a video, review it, and attach it in a matter of seconds. 

We highly encourage using video introductions, especially on signable docs because it adds a face to the name and increases your close rate up to 43%. Once you have added a video, you can edit the email message that will get sent out with your doc.

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