Once you have delivered a send out, you may realize you need to add a new signer or an additional viewer to the document. 

This can easily be done by going to the document summary page and clicking on the action menu in the top right corner. Click Add New Recipient and follow the prompt. It will ask for the new recipient's name, email, and what kind of recipient it will be. Choose from either Only View or Signer.

You can then either Send the document out via GetAccept or use the Share Document Link option, which will generate a link you can send to the new recipient through your own email provider.

You will see the new recipient added to recipient list below and the activity update on the right side of the screen. 

If you added a new signer and no longer need the original signer to sign the document, you can recall the first signer so the newly added one only needs to sign to close the document out. 

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