When you're in the Sales mode app you will see the Reports tab.
Here you can see document performance, cycle times, and statistics about your business for the current month. You can also pull reports for previous months.

Manager or Admin

If you have admin or manager permissions, you will have access to see more information. You can see hit-rate insight, activity report and organization report for your group.

Hit-rate insights let you see how many documents a user has sent, how many have been signed, the hit-rate in percent, and the total value of the signed documents.

Activity report gives you user information, such as sent and signed documents, how many logins, and video recordings a user has created for their sendouts. The users are filtered by the team they are part of.

Organization report gives you the same info as in the Activity report, but for the whole organization.

If you are the administrator of the entity, you can also export data to a CSV file.

To export data, do the following:

  1. Select Export data
  2. Click on "Show all" up to the left
  3. Select the period from which you want to extract the data
  4. Select the type of documents you want to export
  5. Click download
  6. Done!

You will receive a CSV file sent to your email. To convert to an Excel file follow this guide.

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